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About me

I am a senior researcher in at Microsoft Research. My research interests include computer vision for human-computer interaction, Augmented Reality (AR)/Virtual Reality (VR), Haptics and  interactive projection mapping.

I am on the editorial board of IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications, co-chaired the 19th ACM SIGSPATIAL 2011, and on program committee for several leading conferences. I Held a visiting lecture position at the school of computer science, Interdisciplinary Center, Herzelia, Israel.

I obtained my PhD at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and founded a couple of companies in the area of computer graphics, including the successful Photon-Paint for the Amiga computer, and managing the software R&D at 3DV Systems, developing the world first active real-time depth cameras, later bought by Microsoft in 2008.

During 2004-2005 I was a researcher at Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA), working on issues such as video completion, reconstruction of hair from images, and camera based interaction, following by founding the Virtual Earth Research Lab, (A.K.A. Bing Mapping and Mobile Research Lab). The lab developed and shipped new innovations to Microsoft Virtual Earth and Bing, such as the first Street-View Site (2006), Image Privacy, automatic geo-positioning user images, text detection in images and more. 

During 2011-2014, I managed a group of researchers at MSR's eXtream Computing Group (XCG) in the areas of AR and Graphics.

Eyal’ research and development videos can be found on YouTube.

On artistic side, I have a background as a book cover illustrator and a comics strip artist.

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Research Highlight


Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

I am interesting in the way that AR & VR effect and being effected by the real environment, and ways in which AR &VR can influence new experiences, for example social interaction. 




VR for Low Vision 

Locomotion in VR


Environment adaptive AR &VR


Spatial Consistency AR


Reality Check


AR Conversation


Productivity in VR

Conversation AR 

The Known Stranger 

Text Entry in VR 

Office Of The Future 


While visual display and 3D audio are progressing at a fast pase, Haptics is still and mostly untapped sense. Many times, due to the severe limitations of haptic rendering capability, there is a need to manipulate our senses to generate a convincing AR & VR experience of touch.  



Passive Haptics

Haptic Retargeting 

Sparse Haptics 


Haptic Controllers


Normal Touch & Texture Touch

Haptic Links 


 Uncanny Valley of Haptics


Haptic Revolver 



Interactive Projection Mapping

The use of projector enable large area augmentation that can be shared by multiple users. 

Room2Room Life-sized teleconferencing RoomAlive IllumiRoom SurroundWeb: Microsoft's Plan To Cloak Your Living Room With Internet







Camera Based Interaction

Cameras are cheep and powerful sensors. I am looking in ways that we can leverage of cameras capabilities to compensate for the physical limitations of existing displays and input techniques.


Presentation Control

 Camera based avatars

Mouse 2.0



Computer Vision

Analysis by synthesis, Text detection, 2D and 3D completion


Video Completion 

Annotate Videos 

Geo Position Photos 



Reconstruction by Synthesis


Text Detection

Modeling Hair 

Façade Modeling 

Depth Extension 

Stroke Width Transform


Computer Graphics



Seamless texturing

Integrated Videos & Maps

Factoring Repeated content

Geo relevance 

Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: Description: girl

Light fields animation

Depth Key 

Interactive Curved Reflections 

Textures from Image Sequences